What do I do

I feel like Im getting no where in life...No matter how much I try I'm just stuck. Why am I such a stubborn person and have to hold on to things for so long? Its so confusing. So my mom has been telling some of our family friends about whats all going on with my mom and dad their all taking it hard actually and keep saying they cant believe the way my dad is acting. My dad is acting different but he keeps telling us that this is his true self...that hurts in a way because...so he has been hiding his true self my whole life? And all of their marriage? Wow. Just confuses me alot actually. My mom and I are exercising alot and I have to say it feels really good it does help with the stress for me but only until Im done exercising then its all back. So yesterday I came out to one of my aunts but her son came out to her and his sister like a week ago so it feels nice to have someone else in the family who is gay. But see the way my cousin and well my aunt and grandma work they try to mess up other peoples lives to make their own lives better and thats what my cousin did yesterday. She insulted me but didnt think she did I guess but whatever It did bother me and I wish I could say oh no it didnt bother me at all Im stronger then that...I thought I was stronger then that. But I dont know it confuses me too, and like they always have to have the problems that are worse then ours...always but is it a competition on who has it worse? No I dont think so but theres no point telling them that. Anyways just a little venting going on here. And also my mom told one of my other aunts lastnight as well but shes a very awesome person and Im glad she took it well...I knew she would I just was afraid...Its scary thinking that the people in your family that you grew up with and them loving you but then with this one little thing about me might change all of that and they wont even be able to look at me :( Okay well I should stop for tonight.