What Causes Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation

Erectile dysfunction causes are evaluated by the world renowned Urology Specialists founder Dr. Edward Gheiler. Ongoing episodes of not getting or maintaining an erection can be diagnosed and cured by using both, modern cutting edge medicine and natural alternative medicine. Initially the medical history and a description of the erectile dysfunction episodes are reviewed along with a physical exam and several diagnostic tests to evaluate the erectile dysfunction causes. Impotence causes can come from common physiologic conditions such as vascular and heart problems, diabetes, being overweight, lack of exercise, and changes in the nervous system.
Erectile dysfunction causes can be addressed and corrected which can bring back the ability for a normal sexual experience. Thousands of men have come to our international Urology Specialists Miami Florida center from around the world to have their erectile dysfunction causes evaluated and fixed. Erectile dysfunction is considered to be the repeated inability to get or maintain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. Our center was created by Dr. Gheiler to help men get back their sexual function no matter what the erectile dysfunction causes are. Dr. Gheiler has performed penis surgery for a penis implant over a thousand times. Thousands of men coming to our comprehensive Miami urology center have been shown through careful diagnostic studies that erectile dysfunction medications are the appropriate solution, while others prefer to use alternative natural treatments such as Chinese medicines.
Erectile dysfunction causes are often attributed to a lack of blood flow or the ability for blood to remain in the penis often from a cardiac or vascular problem, hardening of the arteries, and high cholesterol. Less often the nervous system is found to be the underlying problem. Other aspects that affect the ability to getting or maintaining an erection are the use of alcohol, drugs, and prescription medications, urologic surgery, relationship problems and mental health issues. Tests that include lipid profiles, liver enzymes, urinalysis, lipid profiles and blood counts can help diagnose erectile dysfunction causes. Testosterone levels may help diagnose problems with sexual desire.
Urology Specialists erectile dysfunction center has put together a large comprehensive medical facility that specializes in urological surgery, medication, and natural urology supplements. Our urological facility diagnoses urinary symptoms including testicular cancer symptoms, prostate symptoms, and bladder symptoms. Dr. Gheiler not only performs penile surgery for penile prosthesis but also bladder surgery such as prolapse surgery, cancer bladder (cancer-vejiga) surgery, kidney stones treatment, and vasectomy procedures.
Erectile dysfunction causes may be corrected very simply or with surgery. Our large full service Miami urology center will keep you informed and relaxed from your diagnosis to your treatment. In an effort to help our clients we have created an online “Request an Appointment” form so that you can come at the time and date that is good for you. We also have an “Ask the Doctor” section so you can post any questions you may have and our urology doctors will respond to you on our blog. Of course you may already have your question answered when you read our urology blog. Read on about erectile dysfunction causes.

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