What Backyard Pool Type Is Right for You?

Investing in a custom pool not only bring enjoyment into your life, but it increases the value of your home. Also, a good design adds a luxurious feel to your home and creates a resort-like ambiance in the backyard. To get the most out of your backyard pool, it’s important to spend time coming up with a design that matches your home and your style. Check out these tips for designing and building your pool.

Types of Pools

What kind of pool do you want for your backyard? The following is a list of pool types and a brief description of what their design includes:

  • Regular swimming pools: If you want a basic, no-frills in-ground pool, you have plenty of choices. These pools use vinyl liners, concrete, and fiberglass materials. These pools can be built at any depth or shape, depending on the material chosen.

  • Pools with rock formations: Do you want a backyard oasis that has built-in seating for lounging and creating a resort-like feel? Why not build a pool with rock formations?

  • Pools with water features: Another type of pool that homeowners love are pools with water features such as fountains and waterfalls. Many homeowners with small children also like water features that allow for splash and play.

  • Infinity pools: These are the pools that seem to go on forever and ever. They work best for backyards that already have a natural water feature like a lake or the ocean in clear view. Speak with your pool builder to make sure your home has the right type of backyard for this pool. Not all properties are suitable.

  • Spool pools: A combination of a pool and a spa, spool pools are perfect for swimming and relaxation. Many homeowners with small yards prefer these types of pools because they don’t need a lot of space for installation.

Still not sure what type of pool you want? Speak with a custom pool builder in Vero, FL. Professional pool builders come to your home and go over your options based on available space and preferred budget. Homeowners who have open minds in terms of the building process tend to find that they have more options that they originally believed.


Don’t get hung up on the cost of a custom pool. Backyard pools are available at a variety of price points. Working closely with a custom pool builder in Vero, FL, helps you find the best options for what you want to pay.