What are we going to do about Prescription drugs!!!

I'm so angry.. . That people  want to keep throwing their life away.. My daughter put's every loser into her life she can find..I come from a long line of  drunks;All I want is my children to get ahead in life..I'm really tired of footing the bill's.I'm afraid she's going to come up missing...And that will kill me..My other son the oldest is on ..Script drugs .They are legal' but he abuses them..I spoke to him yesterday and he sounded drunk..And these people are driving cars ..Watching your children at the daycare ..Teachers in school..The worst of the problem is they are police officers(With  a loaded gun ..Ambulance  drivers that take us to the hospital ..All  while they are legally doped up..This is just crazy to me..If you take your medicine..  In the right doses  you will still be able to do your job..It should be mandatory for all public workers to be drug tested at any time,  day or night..Just show up and today we are testing..They give them warnings so they can clean up..Just Stupid if you ask me..My second to the oldest son is facing 20 years for armed robbery..He is the most precious person you could ever met..Worked and earned more than most adults at age 12..He roofed with his step dad and said I will not do this forever..He started singing in high school..And was very good at it...We all supported him..He got a job as parts inspector at a great company.Then he started singing again..Got his band started and was doing great..He remarried and the HELL began...It started with pills..Then cocaine ..then heroin...He went down very fast...If it could happen to him it can happen to every one. I spoke to him today from jail.. He said Until you know his demons you can't begin to know the cure... He also stated that in order to get help..You may lose your job or children...To admit that you need rehab..He still has a'lot of hope that the judge will see it was a one time mistake..And the drugs were doing the thinking for him..He  has much  remorse and misses his family very much...Please father God Help all those suffering with this and their family's..Show them you are the light and the way..to eternal life..AMEN