what are the chances?

Last night my husband and I were invited to Susan and Scott's (new friends of ours) home for dinner. She and her husband have a son in recovery who was friends with my son (T) at one time. They have a beautiful century home and garden.  We had a delicious dinner served outside with a beautifully decorated table.  Everything - all the details were noted by me and I felt she even put Martha Steward to shame.  The other guests that attended were an adolescent drug counselor (who helped me tremendously a few years back) and a married couple, both juvenile probation officers.  The male tried to help me get T into drug court way back then and I remember how helpful he was - going out of his way to meet me at the school to try and talk to T.  It was embarrassing, though, because all T did was hear a portion of what he was trying to explain about the program, then stood up , gave him the finger and said "F - You".  I figured he heard it all before, but it was still uncomfortable, not too mention - frustrating.  After dinner and a chat by the fire on their side lot, they all left , but my husband and I stayed a little bit longer, and then Susan told us that this PO, I just mentioned, started the juvenile drug court in our area - that is very successful.  Since then other places have used his model.  
Well, just about when we were ready to leave - my friend, Susan, said that someone left a bike on their next door lot the previous night and so they turned it into the police. I then joked and wondered if it were mine because T takes it sometimes and I don't see it for days. Well, I knew it wasn't mine because mine was at home.  T also takes J's bike and the same thing happens - it's missing for days.  We're always trying to track it down - sometimes driving to pick them up.  
Well - she told us that the bike was green.  I just knew it was J's!  We then started to a describe the other details and ..... lo and behold - it was the bike!  They live about a 20 minute walk from our home - so it isn't like we live nearby.  The bike was left by the fire pit in their lot next door.  I wonder if T was with her son or was it a coincidence that T just decided to leave his bike there?  Her son looked so clean-cut - it's hard to imagine our son hanging out with him.  Anyway - as I know there is no such thing as a coincidence - it's still hard to believe.  Right after the visit - we went to the police station to pick it up and yes - it was the bike.  Going out to buy more bike locks.  Sad we have to do that.  T's birthday is coming up.  He might be expecting a new cell - I want to buy him a bike.  



I\'m with you...I doubt it was a coincidence....wishing things were better! Take Care!!

That last incident was almost dreamlike. And I don\'t believe it was a coincidence, either. Sometimes they do obscure things to get your attention.

i have a group formed from AlAnon that gets together once amonth for potluck and Traditions study, and it\'s quite intense and personal, and not like the meetings. We can comment and dialog all we want. So i went last night and it was very gratifying. We are also going to the ocean in about 3 weeks, and staying at a member\'s vacation house there. Very positive stuff.
As for the boards, I only put something on when I can add something positive. What\'s said there tells me problems like these go on all the time. And I don\'t feel so alone. But true, the negativity has taken a turn for the worse. I think that stuff ebbs and flows. So I watch the content to see ---I think it will happen--if anything stimulating or positive is going on.
i will be following your story with the state rep to see if anything comes of your talks. You are much more savvy on this than I, but I don\'t see anything wrong with mandating parent attendance. Of course, paperwork and consequences...