What are the best Kratom strains to buy?


Kratom is grouped under coffee plants. It has a number of herbal and medicinal benefits. Originally grown in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Myanmar plus others. Over the past years though, Kratom has spilled over around the world like in the US. The stimulant impact of Kratom depends entirely on the type of category.

Euphoria, for instance, is an effect caused by Kratom strain that is characterized by feelings of happiness, relaxation, pain reduction, and gives an energy boost effect on the person. As you read through this article, you will discover some of the top Kratom strains available and their significance.

Red strain Kratom

Red strain Kratom is the most famous among the Kratom strains. Rated as the best outcome of euphoric Kratom. Its unique leaves become longer while on a tree so that they can access sunlight.

Red strain Kratom leaves are dried to a powder form before being turned into a capsule. Varieties of this strain work at reducing pain. We have a number of Kratom types under the red strain and these include;

  • Red Bali from Indonesia and is highly recommended for those new to Kratom. This will instantly give users a sense of relaxation.

  • Red Vietnam from Vietnam also provides a relaxation effect on the user. It is an amazing euphoric strain Kratom of all Kratoms.

  • Red Thai from Thailand mainland also awakens a user’s euphoric sense though in a slightly low way

  • Red Maeng Da from Thailand also has a powerful euphoric effect plus many others.

Green Kratom strain

Green Kratom strain has some effects that are closely similar to those seen in the white Kratom strain. It's able to give the user a clear head and an energy boost on users along with a relaxing impact. The outcome depends on the quantity of Kratom consumed by the user.

Among Green Kratom varieties are;

  • Green Maeng Da is originally from Thailand and administers very effective pain-relieving and energy-boosting abilities for your body

  • Green Malay also from Thailand works on stimulating the user's mind

  • Green Vietnam from Vietnam similar to green Malay also has powerful mind stimulation effects among others

Yellow strain

Yellow strains are slightly the same as the red Kratom strain. Their leaves are decomposed to make the Kratom powder. With the fermentation process, yellow strains are produced and give that powerful euphoric effect.

There are a number of varieties of yellow strains, which include;

  • Yellow Borneo from North Borneo gives a user that euphoric effect, an energetic feeling, and a relaxed mind and body

  • Yellow Kapuas from Malaysia with a strong euphoric effect and recreation

  • Yellow Gold from Indonesia takes a fairly long time to dry, but will surely give that healthy euphoric effect

Other similar varieties are also available

White Kratom strains

White Kratom strains are so famous among the strains in the Kratom family. These strains can deliver instant effects of relaxation and brain energy.

Among varieties available in white strains include:

  • White Bali from Indonesia gives a user that relaxed feeling all over the body

  • White Bornea from North Borneo which is an effective pain killer

  • White Maeng Da from Thailand gives users that much needed relaxed effect

  • White Dampar originally from native Indonesia also gives a relaxing effect and many others.


Mixed kratom strain

Mixed kratom strain includes up of all kratom brands. Mixed Maeng is the most famous Kratom followed by Hulu Kapuas.

Examples of mixed Kratom includes

  • Mixed Maeng Da from Malaysia delivers energy to your body

  • Mixed Malay also originally from Malaysia delivers relaxation effects, relieves pain, and also has a euphoric impact on its users.

  • Hulu Kapuas Kalimantan from Malaysia gives a combination of equal energy and relaxing feeling to the body


If you are looking for a kratom strain, you can choose from the rich varieties discussed above or read through these Kratom vendor reviews. The list will hopefully provide what you are looking for.