What are my boundaries?

I've been doing a lot of reading about boundaries lately, knowing that they're important to my autonomy & mental health. I'll probably need to set some with DH and probably with DS & Sister as well. But before I do, I want to make sure I have a good grasp on what they are & how to set them.
The reason I'm even thinking about it is that I was pondering boundaries & asked myself, "Do I even have them?" I know that I do, of course. I'm especially aware of lately that I'm not responsible for others' actions & feel less responsible for cleaning up their messes or "covering" for them. (Possible exception is my son & his schoolwork; though I won't do it for him, I am after him like the dickens to get it done & to pass these classes!)
So, what are my current boundaries, as I know them?

one example is my lunchtime. Work & lunch don't mix! With rare exceptions (getting a call from a hard-to-reach person, an emergency), my lunchtime is "my" time. My boss is really good at respecting this boundary. If he sees me eating, he'll go to the other assistant. On very rare occasions, if he really needs me to do something, he'll say, "I know it's your lunchtime, but can you take care of this first?" If others ask, I say, "can it wait until after lunch?" Usually, it can.·                    
I've started setting one at dinner time. If my son insists on being nasty & fresh, I go eat in the kitchen. "That's your choice!" he'll shout after me. That's right, it is.                    
The past year & a half: my money. Yes, it's my money. I worked for it, I earned it, I will spend it as I see fit. There are expenses that cover the whole family; I chose to pay them, because I feel it's in all our best interest. As I've stated before, I've set my $ aside. If it gets taken without my permission, I will move where it is. My permission is required for its use.                    
other people's problems. I will not take them on. If they would like advice, I'll give it; it's up to them to follow it. If they don't want to follow it, that is so not my problem! At church, there are some folks/groups who have certain needs. Or shall I say wants. For example, there is a faction that wants everyone to contribute to coffee hour. Right now, I can't afford it, nor do I have time to bake/shop for it. It's also becoming a contest to see who's putting out the best/most stuff. It's not up to me to "keep it going". Yes, it's a nice thing, but let's let someone who has the time/money/desire do it instead.              

I guess there are plenty "unspoken" ones, such as my personal morals (ie. I won't steal) and my work ethic (I'll come in on time; business before pleasure; no personal calls).