What a week!!

So sorry I haven't been here and around to give supoprt. I happened to get a message from my ex-stepdaughter that her mom had passed a week ago Thursday so my daughternad I went up to be with her to try and give her support for a few days. Normally I do all I can NOT to make the 8-10 hour trip but for this gal I would do almost anything especially knowing how close she was to her mom.I made it through the first 24 hours,(Sunday into Monday) okay and started feeling a little uneasy so I just took it easy the first day while the girls ran around and even into Tuesday, but when we got to calling hours I suspected I may have a little problemas it was SSOOOO COLD in there!!  My stomach started rolling and hurting. I had brought an applesauce with me and that took a while to set but it eventually settled before the service.By the time everything was over I thoguth I was okay. We had an hour drive home so we went out to eat before headed home. I ate adn again everything seemed okay except I coukd only eat half my meal which isn't too strange but oohh by the time we got home I knew I ws in trouble. I took a swig of phenegren and headed to bed at 11:00. At 12:30 I was up having up my guts!! and again at 3:00. I ws so afraid I was going to spoil the burial and reception after but I felt a bit better in the morning I just didn't eat knowing I had such a long trip ahead. Cutting it short I made it home.But the one thing that reall y got me was that I got to FINALLY meet my 2 great-grandsons! ages 3 and 5. The 3 year old took his great-grammas death just as hard as my step-daughter. At the burial he cried and cried and wanted to know why he couldn't see Nina. Why couldn't we open th ecasket and let him see his Nina. The wise and skillful pastor told him only Jesus could open the casket after it had been sealed, and it seemed to appease him. My heart just ached for him. I know I can never replace his great gramma but I'm hoping I can at least now be a part of their lives.