What a week!

I Herxed all last week. That means my Mepron, the anti-malarian drug I am taking, is working and I am truly with parasites. The Herxing is the feeling sick from the meds and the parasites meeting. The result is toxins being released from the death of parasites. It was like having a terrible case of the flu. For an extended period. Sunday to Sunday. Started with a tickle in my throat, to a sore throat, off to aching joints. Feeling a fever coming on, oh no it's a head cold with headaches. Night sweats are fun, why not. Still achie and my nose won't stop running. Off to get an ultrasound because my spleen in enlarged. It's like a belly massage. Now my gut feels bruised. I can feel each individual organ. Now my gut is hot. Feels like I have done to many sit ups. Hope the Mepron is still working. Used the eliptical for a half hour then got a fifty minute jog in until my gut started to feel bruised. I had a light day at the gym. Be back there Wednesday.   Glad to be feeling better. Being sick is so bad for my membrane. Too close to remembering what it was like a few short months ago. How horrible. Onward!!