What a pain!

 I had my tooth pulled 2 weeks ago and I knew he was going on vacation so I seen him before he left and he said everything looks good. Then the next week I still had pain and had headaches EVERYDAY, so I went and seen the dr that was taking his people while away, they got me in right away and took a xray and didn't see a part of the tooth and gave me some antibiotics (why wasn't  getting these before?) I felt better that their was no tooth left, than Saturday morning it was really hurting and Friday I thought I felt something and my husband wanted me to call the dr and I took it on by myself, I seen the little tooth next to the one they pulled (no xray was done on that one)and used my nails and got it, it's still hurts so my dr comes back tomorrow and I left a message to see if they can get me in and see what is going on, he owes me MONEY, for doing his job, I still have a headache and some reason a  stomach and back hurts! Can anything go right!