What a Night

Last night me, my sister, and a friend of ours went to wait for the release of twilight. Well as we were waiting which was about 2 hrs. I asked one of my closest friends to come with us but she said no , she didnt want to be out late which i dont think midnight is late and i know she wanted to do something else. So she calls the friend who came with me and my sister and asks him to ask me if i wanted to go to this concert with her, and it pisses me off because i asked her to come somewhere with me and she said no, so guess what i said? no, that is two face if you ask me. My friend who she called kept hanging up on her , and it made her mad....lol. I finally talked to her on the phone and told her that i would be in bed because i'm not feeling well, well even though i do not feel great, i will be up and around, i will lie just like she did. Two can play that game and i will win this time. I wont let her keep doing this to me.