What a horrible night

I had too much to drink and I am feeling horrible.  I went out to have a great birthday for my friend and it ended up being a flop.  I wanted to drink only because I was feeling happy but I don't know what went on and the night turned very scandalous and tough for me.  It was getting very difficult for me to be feeling ok and today I missed a doctors appointment because I overslept.  This pattern of not making it to appointments is not great.  I had a series of horrible panic attacks yesterday night and I couldn't control them.  Things got very bad and I asked a friend to come over.  I wanted to go to the ER but he didn't want to and he stayed over.  I just woke up and I don't know how I am going to be feeling.  I hope that I will be doing the right things and trying to feel better.  Maybe it is good to reconstruct my past again to be feeling alright.  I don't know.