Went to visit My Friend Sue--sad--sad-sad

My wife and I went to visit my friend Sue today, after I had already driven 82 miles to see my cousin in another nursing home.  He was gone for Chemo so, that visit didn't work out too well, except his nurse saw my card on his table and she called me from his room and had him talk to me on the phone.
My friend Sue is in terrible shape.  She has lung Cancer, Esophagus cancer, emphezema and something has happened.  She has either had a nervous breakdown or she is losing her mind.  She is accusing the nursing home nurses of beating her in the face, she says they do not give her, her breathing treatments or her medicine.  She blames her daughter for everything, calls her names and she calls me crying and screaming on the phone, wanting me to come to the Nursing Home, to help her all hours of the day and night.  Today we visited with her for about and hour and she told me the same stories she has told me over and over again, for the past 3 weeks.  My wife and I had plans to eat dinner with some friends of ours so, we told her we were going to have to leave.  She said ok and I took her hand and had prayer with her.  My wife and I started to the car and she called me on my cell phone, to tell me the same things she had just told me.  I kind of cut her off short and told her we were going to have dinner with friends.  She said ok.  I drove 6 blocks and she called me again and started the same scenario as before.
At 9:30pm, her son-in-law called me and said he was there with her and he wanted to put me on speaker phone, so I could have prayer with them.  He put me on speaker phone and while I was praying, she started talking about the same things again.  Her son-in-law then thanked me for the prayer and he said that they were going to have a talk together and he hung up.  5 minutes later, she called me again, said that her son-in-law was there and that he did not believe anything that she was telling him.  She wanted me to get on the phone and tell him the truth about what was happening.
I talked to him again and told him that she was having serious issues with reality and that her daughter, (his wife) was going to have to make some decisions in the near future as to what the next options were.  Her daughter is POA.  He said he understood.
Her daughter then called my wife from outside her mother's room and asked me to go talk to her dad, face to face, because he is in denial as to what has happened.  She said he would listen to me.  I have to be at a hospital 70 miles North of where I live by 6:30a in the morning for a lady who is having hip replacement surgery.  She is a member of my church.  So, if I get back in time tomorrow afternoon, I will go try to talk to Sue's husband.  At 5 pm tomorrow evening, our youth group at church has a spaghetti supper that I must attend as well.
While visiting Sue today, I get another phone call from a friend who has a friend that wants me to do a wedding for her the Sat. before Easter so, Sat. I will try to contact her.
This is what I deal with almost everyday along with my friends dying.  Is it any wonder I am stressed out and depressed?
While typing this, she called me again at 10:15 pm and is on the phone as I type this.
Same scenario, same rant and rave, etc..  This is sad, sad, sad.



Oh, my goodness! I hope the doctors can help this lady and that her family advocates for her, too.

Oldbiker, I have alot of contact with nursing home residents. Your friend Sue might benefit from medication for the anxiety. Behind all of her accusations is fear. If she is within 30 miles of me, I would be happy to go out and visit her with you and wife.