Went to the Mall today

Today I went to the new mall in Glendale, the Americana. It was fun. It was a bunch of expensive stores, so I didn't really buy anything. I did get a tea latte from my favorite drink place, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I love their English Breakfast tea lattes. They are just so yummy. It's tea made like espresso and then mixed with milk and sugar. I did have a bit of an upset stomach after, and I don't know why. Maybe it was the chili beans that I had for lunch. That does make sense, that the chili would upset my stomach rather than tea and milk. It was a bit spicy, but I didn't know it was going to be spicy. It was low fat turkey chili beans, and the label didn't say that it was going to be spicy. Still, my stomach is getting better with spicy foods. When I got here on Wednesday, I had tacos for dinner with green chili, and that was yummy. Yesterday my stomach was being a bit fussy, so I didn't have anything spicy. Today I just had the chili.
Like I was saying, the mall was nice. I got out and walked a bit, and my stepdad walks fast, so I was trying to catch up with him. We also went to a 99 cent store, one of my favorite places to go. I love 99 cent stores, they have this one brand in LA called the 99 Cent Only Stores, and you can get produce, milk, plus all the regular stuff. All for 99 cents or less. I love bargains, so it's a dreamland for me. The only thing in the store that's above 99 cents is the gallon of milk, and that's 2.99. They broke the rules just for milk, since everyone wanted gallons of milk in the store. I'm glad I got to go out today... even if it was just running errands with my stepdad. It gives me time to spend with him, and it makes me feel good to spend time with him.
Today my stepdad's friend, Mike, came over to fix the bathroom connected to my room. I felt bad that he was doing such hard work for me, but he said it had to get done. I just felt bad that he was straining himself for me when I could just use the main bathroom. My stepdad has his own bathroom in his room, so it's not like they are short on bathrooms in the house. They did get the toilet partially working, it's an old toilet, so they were having problems with the water pressure. I'm just glad the hassle is over with. I know why it bothered me, though.. I'm insecure and don't think that I'm worth the work. I don't know how to get over that, but I'm going to try. At least I recognize that I'm insecure and I can try and make it better. I know it's self esteem issues. I need to think of myself as a better person, since I am. I am worth work and nice things. If you read my journal, you know I have trouble buying a lot of food for myself because I think Geo deserves the money for food. I need to get over that, I know. It's something to talk to my therapist about when I finally see her in February. I miss her, but I'm in LA and I can't get an appointment until I come back.
Mood today was good besides the bit of insecurity. I liked walking around the mall and going around the city with my stepdad. We went to his bank, and I set the clock in his car. He doesn't know how to do stuff like set the clock in his car. He leaves that stuff to me. I don't mind, since it makes me feel useful. He does know how to do stuff like set his DVR, but the little stuff he leaves for me. I did get to take a nap today, and it felt great. I just slept for like an hour, and I hope I can sleep tonight. I'm staying up a bit later than I did last night, since tomorrow I might be going out with my sister to some galleries, and it's at night. I'm going to be cold, so I'm going to make sure to wear my warm stuff.
Food today was good... I made (slightly) better food choices today... I had bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast, low fat turkey chili for lunch, and just a salad for dinner. I also had a lot of tea, not just the tea latte, but some hot brewed tea since I was cold. It's much colder in the house than is outside during the day. I opened the windows, but it didn't do much. My stepdad lives on a hill, and the window in the room I'm staying in faces the hill, so it's just dirt. Not much room for a breeze. Stress today was okay... I was a bit stressed when Mike was working on the toilet since I didn't want him cursing like he was (not much, but I don't like cursing that much in the first place). He had to run to the hardware store, and he doesn't like doing that. They just told him that we need to get a new toilet. Oh well, we will see what happens. Sleep last night was good.. I woke up in the middle of the night, but I took some klonopin and I managed to get a good night's sleep afterward.