Wellness Programs Offered at Performance Pain

In addition to things such as knee pain therapy in Lawrenceville NJ, Performance Pain also is proud to offer a variety of different wellness programs. These programs can help a variety of different types of people and with many different health problems. Let’s go ahead and break down our popular wellness programs.

1. Executive Health

Being an executive can cause a lot of stress and even physical tolls on your body. Here at Performance Pain, we offer an executive health wellness program for people just like this. It will help you do everything possible to stay healthy and productive.

2. Food Sensitivity Test

Although certain people have violent allergies that can help them know when a certain food is not good for them. However, not everybody has this luxury. Our food sensitivity test will help you indicate which foods you should stay clear away from that your body may not give you instant feedback on otherwise.

3. Lipoprotein Test

Thinking that you or somebody you know might be at risk of heart problems. You should know that cholesterol values alone will not be the best way to predict if a heart attack will occur. A lipoprotein test like what is offered here at Performance Pain is another great way to know when you are at risk of heart problems.

4. Micronutrient Test

Although you can carry on a normal life while not receiving enough nutrients, this can take a toll on your body. Our micronutrient test is a great way to see if you are getting all of the nutrients that your body needs to be as healthy as possible.

5. Vascular Health Test

While you are in to see our neck pain doctor West Windsor NJ, you might also want to check on your heart’s health. Our vascular health test can help you determine your risk of heart disease or stroke. This is a very easy procedure that we handle all the time here at Performance Pain!

Ready to Come in for a Wellness Program?

In addition to offering wellness programs, we are a Princeton NJ stem cell therapy center that can help you with fighting many types of chronic pain. Therefore, if you or somebody you know is suffering from high levels of pain, be sure to refer them over to us!

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