Well what can i say?

These week has been, well... awful.
I've yet to learn how to manage my money so once again when pay day rolled around I, obviously, went out and spent all of it leaving just enough to pay my phone bill and insurance so consequently i'm left penniless for the rest of the month.
Friday was the worst day. Me and my boyfriend have had a few arguments since we've been together, normally about the fact that I occasionally cancel on him, the majority of the time it's because something's come up and I HAVE to cancel or i've been told to come home for whatever reason and, I know I could have done more to stay with him or make acceptions but this time was different. This time he was definitely in the wrong.I asked him what he was doing and he said he was seeing his friend Kat, let me fill you in on Kat, Kat is notorious for sleeping around, going after people she knows are in relationships (regardless of who with i.e friends) and generally being innappropriate with little to no respect for peoples boundries. I then asked if she was staying over at his house (he lives alone with his housemate) and he replied that she was. Now i'm sure many of the ladies here would have reacted the exact same way I did, which was "How the hell would you feel if i said some guy was staying over at my house and it was just us two?" to which he replied that it was no big deal, there was nothing between them and never could be. We argued for hours or days rather and in the end he waited outside of my house for 3 hours after me telling him several times that I didnt want to see him. I'd even refused to return home because he was there. Anyway, in the end after another day of arguing I went round to his house after my sister finished work, in the space of 10 minutes everything was fine again, i cried and he talked. You'd think i'd be feeling a little better by now.
Only tomorrow is the two year anniversary of my 10 year old cousins death. And I plan on going to church. I'm not into organised religion, but I know he and his family were, so as a moment soley for him, i'm going.