Well, well, well

Mother thinks I'm cutting again and decided to tell my father, whom she hates. So had to go out for supper with them so they could discuss this problem with me and now I have to go back to the same awful therapist/counselor/whatever-the-fuck-she-is that forced me to lie to her last time I was in there. I hate her, I hate her, I hate her. She made me cry, and she brought up everything I didn't want to think about - and not subtly either. She's a horrible person and she needs to waste her time (and innocent people's money) on crazy folk. Yes, I'm just angry, I'm sure she's a fine person, I'm sure therapists are fine people for some and I'm sure they're helpful. I don't care right now.
Dad called me depressed (which I am not, by a long shot) and that pissed me off, a lot. He threatened to beat the shit out of me twice during this supper (and he never goes through with his threats - maybe I'd be scared of him like he wants me to be if he did). God, he thinks I'm too fucked in the head to help myself. I've been trying so hard to fix my cutting, I really have. And they think I can't do it alone. They think they have to spend a shit ton of money helping me with things I don't need help with. I'm so mad right now.