Well, this is the week I get my leg!

I'm a nervous wreck.  I'm happy, scared, worried and filled with anticipation.  I don't have any idea what to expect.  I saw a photo of someone's stump and it was thin and conical shaped.  As I've said before, I'm a big girl and my stump is still kinda' round.  The tissue and muscles are very hardened at the end of my stump, but the tissue under the knee is very soft and flacid.  Is that normal for a big person?  Anybody got any info on the subject?  I hope it's not a problem in wearing a prosthesis.



Everybody\'s stump will look different. Yours and mine are still new, so they are still big and round, with all the muscles and stuff fleshed out. The muscles with atrophy a bit, and the socket will have it conform to a specific shape. Remember too that you and I are bigger girls- we aren\'t going to have tiny little pencil stumps-- it\'s just not going to happen: AND THAT IS OK. Each socket is made to fit the wearer, so it doesn\'t matter that some other person\'s stump is small and skinny. Yours is pleasingly plump, and the socket will be made to fit your contours just fine. I have not had my socket yet, but I have had leg braces made from the same material as the sockets for years, and they have always been molded to my big ol\' legs to fit quite nicely. Never any blisters or hot spots or anything. I am getting my prosthetics from the same guys who did my braces.

Remember that the area down at the end of your stump is still swollen and that is why it is hard. The area closer to your knee is just the flaccid muscle, and that is normal too. Hold your other leg up like that, and the muscle will dangle like that too. Remember that you really can\'t flex that calf muscle much, if at all on your amputated side, so it will be all loose and wobbly.

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