well pissed off !!!!!!

fuckin arsehole!!!! he had the police at my doot the day, what an embarressment. he hasnt paid his road tax and now he has been given a fine for the offence but he still hasnt registered his car at his own address so the police came here looking for him. he was thrown out of here a year and a half ago !!!!!!! i gave them his full details and all the information i had on where he was  (my daughters like, do u want his email address and his twitter account name lol) anyway they should come here agaon hopefullyt but thats twice now in 6 months ive had police looking for him. as far as tommys concerened the police only look for bad people so for them to be looking for his dad means his dad must be bad. so theres no way tommy wants to c him at all now. i cant even rant on facebook coz i have many of his family as friends on there !!!! fuck bastard