Well, if that\'s what he wants

After further investigation, found out Spanky told his family that Rayane is 20  but will be 21 in a few weeks.  I dropped the bombshell that she's only 19. Even when she turns 20 it still makes her 13 years younger than him and 5 years older than Joyce and 8 years older than Gage and D.  I had a feeling that he got arrested over the weekend and guess what, he did.  He thinks that he's 10 ft tall and bulletproof.  Aunt Vicky, papa Ronnie and I know better.  Just wait until he gets the bill from IMPD.  Should take him down a notch or two.  I hope at least.  What does he see in this girl besides drinking, drugs and reckless sex with a little ego boost?  He needs to frickin grow up and realize that he has 4 children to take care of.  Does he want her to raise these kids that are virtually her age?  As everyone has told me, it's not going to work.  It didn't work with Doug and Kelli and won't work with this little girl and Spanky.  His dad is pissed at him for hooking up with her. His mom? Who cares what she thinks, she's probably all for it.  At least he is supposedly fixed and can't have more kids unless he gets it reversed.  I'm sure he's seen that I dropped him from my myspace page by now.  Shouldn't bother him if he doesn't care right?  I deleted his phone number from my phone too so I don't get the urge to call.  Leave my phone off pretty much all the time now too.  I love that jerk but have to let him go until he can open his eyes to what he needs and not what he thinks that he wants.