Well, he called

Well, when I least expected it, he called on Friday.  My phone was off cause my battery was dying.  Checked it at 3:30 and he had called to see where the stuff was in his truck.  He said that he hadn't been given any time to go clean it.  Larry told me that he was using that as an excuse to talk to me.  I think so too.  I texted him and told him that there was a van cleaning out his truck last week and they obviously had the key.  BUSTED!  At his lunch break, he texted me and asked him to help him win a bet.  I asked him what was in it for me and he said "the satisfaction of winning"  I told him that i'd rather have had him drunk and naked and gave him the answer. He didn't reply so I said "hhhmmm, no reply.  I see how I rate."  He came back and said "maybe later".  I told him that I would be in the pool naked with Jim (Beam), Miller (lite), Pat (Patron Silver) and Bud (light).  He said "when" and I told him that I would be whenever he wants me to be.  The "boys" would always be there!  We haven"t talked since but I know that I left him with a mental picture that will be with him the rest of the weekend!  He still wants me.  He just has to realize how much and give into it!  I'll take this as a small start on getting back together!