Well, finally!

All day yesterday I tried to get ahold of my RE's office to see about my prescriptions. My hubby went to the pharmacy to pick up his prescription and inquired if mine were called in yet. Nothing. So this morning I decide I'll call the pharmacy, see if they're in and if not, call and bitch at my RE's nurse for not calling them in. I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that not only were they called in finally, but they were ready for pick up.
I went and got them and YAY! Hubby's work insurance covered the costs, so I had to pay nothing! Usually I have to pay for the Letrozole cuz it's not covered, but my hubby lied last time and said he didn't know why I was getting them, just that I needed them. The pharmacy tech didn't even look at the combination of pills before going 'ok, we'll put these in under cancer treatment then.' Soooo glad she was nice like that!
When I finished my shopping and got on the bus to come home, I decided to look at the bottles to see if I had any refills this time (because they didn't give them to me last time and it resulted in this hullabaloo). I have 2 refills on the Letrozole, but none on the progesterone. Glad for the 2 Letrozole, but c'mon, if this dose doesn't work, I may not get AF without the progesterone. I have this issue where I skip a cycle, so really AF should have come on without meds this time, but she's being stubborn, so I need the pills to bring on AF and a bunch of cramping and pain along with her. Joy of joys.
I wish I didn't have to take these damned pills, but I do. It would be nice if AF would play fair and come without the progesterone spur. I never had cramps or anything above mild bloating with AF before. With the pills, AF brings massive cramps that have me running for the midol and taking them religiously just to take the edge off so I can walk around my apartment. I'm also so bloated that wearing my usual pants is out of the question, and I end up spending the whole time AF is here wearing the baggiest pj pants I can find (they honestly look like clown pants because the material stretched out of proportion over the years).
Plus, I'm moody as all get out for a good two weeks after taking the progesterone. Then again, with that much pain and discomfort, I don't think I can blame it solely on the hormones. I'm also stressed a bit because of a big question mark over the 2nd to 4th of April which will have me out of the house and sitting for long periods of time. So, I have to delay taking the progesterone for a couple of days to time finishing them on the 4th and hoping I don't need to be anywhere on the 5th as well! I think once AF comes for her visit, I'm locking myself in my apartment and not going anywhere (other than to walk my dog) for the entire week! The only respite I get is that the Letrozole usually cuts AF's visit shorter than her usual without meds visit, and I start taking them on D5. I hope I don't have to up my dose again and this one works, but I'm not going to let myself be disappointed too much if it doesn't.