Well and Good

I have moved in with my daugher and four grandkids. This is the best decision I have made in years. Now that I am sober and stronger emotionally, i decided to help my daughter with the children while she goes back to school. She has wanted to be a sign language translator in education. I told her I will give her two years of my time, I cannot give her money for her education but I can give her what my mother didn't give me....Time. Time is priceless so is caring for my grandchildren. When I was going to school my mom wouldn't even help with my kids or even help me buy one book.  I want something better for my kids. I haven't had a bad time sleeping and my stress level is better. I am in counseling and working. I feel like I am were I am supposed to be. It was hard letting go if my apartment, but since we have combined our income we both are doing better and worried and wondering where our next meal, gas money or bill money coming from. We are working together to better our lives and those of our family, and eventually my grandchildren.