Well aint that just the shits

Well I waited two months after my last blood work, even though I was supposed to wait six months, and sure enough, the DRAGON has returned. Technically it is called "relapse". It means the HCV virus has returned. This time it appears that all we did was knock the hornets nest to the ground and boy did we piss em off. It took me 30+ years to have a viral load of ten million. That means there were ten million of them nasty critters in a ml. of blood. It took 24 weeks of grueling tx to bring them down to an undetectable level. (undie). Then it only took two months for them to screw like rabbits and now I have.....wait for it.........SIX MILLION, THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND, EIGHT HUNDRED AND FORTY THREE of them little pukes in a milileter (<sp) of blood.  Well aint that just the shits.
So now I've been searching the net to see what's next. So far, aside from the new experimental meds just coming out, and being slow to be prescribed, it looks like the accepted treatment is just the same dose of the same (shit house) meds just done for TWICE as long.....ugh. Not sure if I could handle that. I will be seeing my G.I. Dr. on Wed to really discuss what the complete options, risks, duration, side effects, etc..etc. are for me. 
It's not the worst news but it is certainly unnerving.
Now on a lighter note. I found out that I have a half brother who is 52 years old. He tracked my mom down from birth records and finally contacted her a couple years ago. I can understand her reluctance to mention it to me or my two other brothers, but she finally did it last Sunday. I'm still letting all this "NEWS" digest. 
And I'd like to say that my Bestest friend has returned to D.S. for support and I hope companionship. Welcome back.!.!.! I'm sorry about your break-up. I hope you get in touch soon. 
Well the weekend has come upon us and my folks are down at the beach in a hotel in Tillamook where the Tillamook cheese and oooooh so good Tillamook ice cream come from. I'm putting the top down and heading down there Saturday morning to meet them at a car show and then it's off to the creamery for samples, samples, samples....ah ha ha ha. The weather should be in the 70's for the drive down through the coast range mountains and man I gotta tell ya, I'm feeling pretty good right now. I plan on taking the camera and will post pics I hope when I get back. 
Head up, chin forward, sun glasses on, and off it is into the unknown.