Weight-loss Surgery

Well it has been awhile since I have been on daily strength and what a journey I have been on!!  I had weight loss surgery in May on my birthday which was on the 21st at 9:30 am 2012.  Everything went well, very well actually.  I had the gastric sleeve instead of the bypass, due to the mal-nutritive reasons because I am bi-polar I.  It was the greatest decision my wife and I ever made.  I weighed 257 at surgery date, and now I weigh 186, and I have 36 lbs. to go and 179 days to goal.  I feel amazing, I just can't explain the gained sense of being.  I have better self esteem, better movement, my chronic pain issues are SO much better, my bi-polar I is stable well as stable as its ever going to be, I haven't been low in over a year or manic, but my hallucinations and voices still come and go, but I am able to deal with them in a better mind frame than before...my medications have been decreased...my blood pressure stable, along with other medical issues also stable.  Again best decision besides the joining ceremony at PRIDE with my wife in 2007, my sobriety I have ever made!!