Weight loss journey

Well.... it's been a while since I posted. I guess I was a little discouraged that my weight went up and down during a two week period. It seems that my Thanksgiving celebrations rolled over into the following weekend. Yikes. Oh well.
I had set a mini goal of 156.0 lbs. This is the weight I was at on the Friday before Thanksgiving. Like I said, my weight went up and down like a yo-yo. This past Monday Oct. 15, I weighed in at 160.0 lbs. Almost where I was at the beginning of my journey.
Oct 17: I weighed in at 158.0 lbs. I know I should have been happy as I did manage to lose two pounds but, I still kept thinking that I wouldn't make my mini goal any time soon. Also, to be honest, I really wasn't trying hard... I guess I was a little down. So I shook myself up and thought 'If I can lose two pounds without really trying, imagine what I can lose if I did try.
Oct 18; Today I really tried and ate the right foods and took care of what I was doing. Honestly, I didn't drink any water and I was regretting it late at night.
Oct 19: I almost fell off the scale. I was in shock. I rubbed my eyes and stepped off and started the whole process again and there it was! It really was showing what I though it was. I DROPPED 2 LBS OVERNIGHT AND I REACHED MY MINI GOAL OF 156.0 LBS!!!!! What??? Crazy right? I couldn't believe it. This was the shot in the arm I needed to get me back fully on the wagon and not let one leg drag behind! My figure is looking so much better and I can actually see a nice form of my waist! I was so excited that I grabbed a pair of jeans that fit my quite flatteringly when I had lost weight previously and they fit! They were a little snug around the waist but I could zip them up without much difficulty! With a longer, looser top, they look amazing. Victory #5
I decided not to wear them yet until I can do them up effortlessly!!! I'm so excited.
Finally up to date.
Oct 20; Yup. I'm sure glad I decided to get back on track and not dilly dally any longer. Guess what? I lost 0.5 lb!!! This is crazy!!! I'm super pumped. I even started to drink water today to get better results. Tomorrow will tell.
Starting weight; 163.0 (after a two day cleanse in which I lost 2.5 lbs)
Current weight: 155.5
Goal: 140.0
15.5 lbs to go!!!! I may actually make it by the end of the year as I had hoped. However.... parties, holidays, celebrations....... yikes.