week 2, Monday

I had physical therapy today. Went well!! I am walking today!!! YEAH! It hurts, but no where near as bad as when I tried to walk on my leg the past couple of days! Swelling has gone done quite a bit too, I'm starting to have a knee again!! Mike and I got into a fight today too :( I've been so bitchy lately, I just can't help myself... Its going to be a goal of mine soon to be a brighter person! I think he needs to have a goal of cleaning up after himself too! :-P Anyway, here's today's log so far... raisan bran w/ 1% = 2101 sm box raisans = 45.5 TBL almonds = 20 **breakfast total =  275 1 slice bread = 901 TBL mayo = 901 slice chz = 803 oz roast beef = 1351 serving quaker rice cakes = 90*~ took my vitamins ~*** lunch total =  485 1/2 Publix sub = 5251 glass wine = 150100 call pack = 100  total =  1535