We had our transfer yesterday

This is kinda amazing, but we're feeling like we're in the tunnel before we hit the field for the Super Bowl game.  We can hear the cheering, but we still can't believe that we made it to the Super Bowl and we could actually win.
So its my 2nd day of bed rest and the bed is driving me crazy.
DH is home and mom is here with me.  My back hurts from laying down.
RE inserted two embryos.  One that's 7 cells and the other is 5 cell.  Very excited about the situation.  I can't believe this is happening.  The weird thing is that we're not scared or filled with anxiety.  What ever happens will happen.  If God wants us to have a baby, then HE will give us a baby.
Waiting for DH to bring home a taco salad.  Kinda hungry!