We finally realize...

Tonight has been really hard.
the ongoing fighting within ourself against ourself is constant.
we are worthless pieces of shit that dont deserve anything in life.
everyone that we have ever known has abandoned us in one way or another. we have nothing but them inside us telling us how much of a fuck up and worthless loser we are. that we will never amount to anything because only good people have good things happens to them & we are not even remotely close to being worthy of even a fraction of any good.
we finally realize that our life has no decent meaning and all we are is someone for someone else to pick and prod until we are nothing so they can feel good about themselves. whateve we dont even think we deserve that much attention from anyone.
we honestly dont even know why we bother to post on here cuz no one ever reads this pitiful shit we post.
we are lower than dirt and not worth shit to anyone so why bothering trying to fix something that was never ment to ever be fixed at all.
we are only here to suffer for others enjoyment so what the point on trying to stop something that will never change.
we realize now that we are 100% worthless with absolutly no place in this world...