We could have had a fire

I woke up to the smell of smoke.  Husband had left for work.  I came downstairs and saw all the windows open and the fans going.  J got home very late (and fortunately hubby had to leave early) and discovered that J fell asleep after putting something in the oven and leaving it.  I've worried about this because he's been cooking at night after coming home late and I know he's been drinking heavily.  This is what his brother always used to do - cook late at night.  He doesn't as much anymore.  T's been coming home night after night at a decent hour but now his brother has taken his place by being out at all hours. 
I've been putting pressure on J to allow me to talk to his counselor.  He said he would talk to him today and tell him he can.  I think he's leading me on.  I can pray.



how do you manage all that? I do hope you have active support there. And that your husband is \'in the boat\' with you. I pray your situation gets better.
Sometimes when my son was in counseling, or treatment, and I had something I wanted to share or get off my chest, I would call and tell them I wasn\'t looking for any information but I had info to share with them. That way they could listen and stay within their ethical standards, or HIPPA laws, or whatever.
My son set some oily rags from auto work on fire in the garage late at night once; it was luck that my husband smelled the smoke and put it out. i know how these things happen. Son was oblivious to the smoke as well as the impact--just went over his head. I doubt he even remembers it.
For your son, the heavy drinking and thoughts of death go hand in hand. Now it is hard to separate the addiction from the actual depression state. I hope the counselor can see the need for treatment and then ongoing therapy.....I pray....