We could have had a fire

I woke up to the smell of smoke.  Husband had left for work.  I came downstairs and saw all the windows open and the fans going.  J got home very late (and fortunately hubby had to leave early) and discovered that J fell asleep after putting something in the oven and leaving it.  I've worried about this because he's been cooking at night after coming home late and I know he's been drinking heavily.  This is what his brother always used to do - cook late at night.  He doesn't as much anymore.  T's been coming home night after night at a decent hour but now his brother has taken his place by being out at all hours. 
I've been putting pressure on J to allow me to talk to his counselor.  He said he would talk to him today and tell him he can.  I think he's leading me on.  I can pray.