We Can't Dance

We were SO not on the same page yesterday.  I'd dance forward, he'd do a jumping spin and knock me in the teeth.  I'd pull away and offer up a seductive sway, and he'd turn his back to me and start shaking his ass.  He'd reach to grab me and dip me in a suave move, and I'd throw my hands up and give him a fat lip.
Is this normal?  I don't remember days where we were SO out of sync.
We've made such amazing progress and floundered through some pretty tough changes.  You'd think that'd bring us closer.  Instead, it's left him dancing the tango and me the cha-cha.  Or something.  I don't know. 
I'm not mad, but I am a tad frustrated.  And all the push/pull/back/forth has left me aggressively "wanting".  Grr.
I don't know how to get our radio stations in sync, but we may accidentally kill each other if we don't manage it today.



You will have those days...part of the healing process...at least it was for me.
Just take one day at the time.

Thank you so much. On Sunday, we both threw up our hands in despair and he turned to me and said, \"Pack a bag.\"

We went away for the night and all day Monday and by the time we got back we were back in sync. He was belting out orders for the kids to do chores, I was printing out and signing grade sheets, we were both clanking around in the kitchen getting dinner on the table.

I guess we just needed to hit our \"reset\" buttons. :)