water leaks everywhere, mopping up water all morning and NOW!!//notice from process server for pm

its 70's outside and have the heat set at 83, that always gets rid of chills and colds for me. 
spent the morning mopping up water in the bathroom as the toilet is leaking.  shut the water off on one of the toilets.  still leaking if the bathtub drains water.  is that normal?  seems the caulking is leaking.  need to look that up.  the problem with houses is its always something.  hi-rise condos are so much easier, the problems go to the condo board.  their problem.  better life, even if it does cost a few hundred per month in maintenance and taxes, it should be stress-free that way.
go up north and water is leaking there as well from a valve.  i left a note that i got some and get the rest.  i get here and b is here and he says he thought it was done?  then he says no one mentioned it.  its written down TWICE. 
what a whacko year with leaks.  mostly from valves and then i guess from water in general.
i get home last night and w is there and grumpy kind of.  he says there is a notice on the door.  i tell him, i already told pm i'm not getting involved with it.  its her problem.  the house was left to her.  but the mortgage is in her mother's name.  most people over the age of 55 get mortgage insurance if they still have a mortgage because you can't get economical life insurance at that age, the companies rip you off, but you CAN get very cheap mortgage insurance, its totally worth it.  pm says she doesn't think the bank even has the paperwork.  they keep offering her "mother" new deals on the house, take off 49 percent and the mortgage is down to $177,000.  its not worth that anyway.  they overpaid for it.  the downstairs only has 110 electric, it was never upgraded.  there are problems with the gas lines (i turned it off) and the roof overhang in back is messed up.  so the notice asks ME to call.  i have no idea if i should respond or not?  its her house.  at one point she wanted me and bill to go in on it, then she realized the bank wants too much money and changed her mind.  i told her there are sooooo many houses here by the ocean under 99,000.  there is a lot to think about.
w seemed more bummed than me about it.  it used to scare me if i would have to get it together quickly, it does scare me, mostly because of the animals than me.  but i think obama changed the law on that and i know banks don't want people leaving the houses empty anymore.  we are looking for land for the animals anyway.  but something else to deal with.  i shouldn't be dealing with it.  w also wants to buy the property.  it originally sold for 295,000 during the bubble, the bank wants 200,000, i don't think he would offer 50,000, he should have bought the house behind mine that really did go cheap, he's going to knock the house over anyway and put in a 12 car garage he says (i doubt the city will let him.  he collects cars).  
woke up with an anxiety attack from it.  i'll miss my favorite window and i like that the spare/garden room was triggering memories from summer camp.  cool.  hadn't thought of that place in decades actually.  not like that, where i feel like i'm there.  its because the spare room is all wood, even the ceiling (bahama style) and the windows are huge and screened and look over the garden, which is similar to the screened huge windows of the cabins, sleeping on an upper bunk staring out into the green of the woods every morning.  cool.  very pretty.  forgot it was pretty.  so used to being at the beach.  lol.   i said this to tm and he says, more than half of the houses where he lives are in foreclosure and many of the people leave and then move back in because they are sitting there empty.  its all so weird.  never been around this kind of thing before.   
went to the marina with a, its very empty down there.  i wanted to order a christmas cake from the uk, prince charles shops have them, the cake is only $12.95  in pounds, so i guess that is $22?  not bad.  however, delivery to usa is $47 pounds, which is close to $90 i think, that is INSANE.  would be cool though.  if its sent to my father in england, delivery is free, but how much to send it here?  instead, i have a recipe for princess di's wedding cake, maybe someone will make that.  i posted it on my journal that is about life "off the grid".
planning a grueling night of mopping up water EVERYWHERE.  lol.  no one else is here. 



Sorry about the water problem. Is there not a turn off outside somewhere? You just have to turn it on and off when you need water though....Hope you get it fixed soon. Take care!

Good luck with the water problem. I am going through a window spring problem too. The window will not stay up. The spring broke thanks to Richard of course. Oh well, we went through the toilet thing a few months ago. It seems when one leaks, it time for the other to do so too. We had to completely do the inside over and reset in the floor. Fun no way. Good Luck.

I think this year, we will see more real estate in distress and up for sale.

Have a Great work week. LOL XXOO

Sorry bout the valve problems. We just went through this in our home! Costs a lot of money to call a plumber! Hubby doesn\'t do leaks. He does a lot of things, but not plumbing....so if you\'re gonna own a home, this mess goes with it! Never a dull moment, eh? I\'m with you on the condo thing. Buy one of them, and call for help. Not your problem! That\'s my idea for retirement! Hope hubby goes along with me. Seems he wants another, smaller house to retire in...just not in Jersey.

I sure do have great memories when you talk about the beach. I\'d give anything to get back to Florida just to see it one more time. My town, Hollywood has changed so much...I don\'t know if I\'d like what it\'s become. But in the seventies, it was gorgeous, and I lived two blocks from the beach! I was one happy young woman!

I do hope the housing market picks up, although I haven\'t heard any of my real estate friends say that they see that in the near future!!

Night night 79...night night kitties.......all of um!

i\'m from the same area, hallandale, right on the intracoastal...miss the weather, miss what it used to be, but was there in 2005 and except for the island we lived on (and even that is more crowded!) everything else is sooooo built up its not the same place. hallandale was \"pristine\" in the 80\'s. its not now. more like potterville and still expensive. the whole are of 3 islands used to have \"white lights\" only for christmas. people complianed but it really was FABULOUS. now they have blow up snowmen and colored lights, and it is sooooo garrish. i drove down the boulevard and wondered where i was. definitely not the same place and not worth keeping. broward county is extemely corrupt in general, from what i hear, it ALWAYS was and it just goes on and on. sickening. the weather down there is the TOP though. will always miss the weather.

you can easily do a house in pa, darla. do a reverse purchase and take the pressure off of yourself.

we had MORE water today, its the 19th. they said there is a clog, because the water is OFF and its still coming back up the toilet and the TUB. water in three rooms. i have to see which toilet is clogged from upstairs to downstairs. can\'t believe this is happening.

we were finally served, but all it is is a summons with a 20 day notice on it for pm. w was more upset than me. the processor was a really nice guy with a gorgeous car. must be a good job, good thing to look into doing on the side i bet. we were served so that we would know they are filing a foreclosure and we can stop it if we have cause and so can she. (have no idea why she would, there are too many things wrong with the house for that amount of money. however, if her mother died and had mortgage insurance, then pm is right and they lost the paperwork and then she has to prove there was mortgage insurance and its paid in full. from what i hear from insurance classes, MANY policies are never cashed because the insurance company is never notified or no one knows where the policy is and from who....its amazing that goes on. then they had a list on line and one of the people on the list was angelina jolie and they claimed they couldn\'t find ther to pay her. REALLY? she is in tabloids every day and no one can find her? i think they don\'t pay unless its pursued and then who knows. what a mess our system is. doesn\'t work at all. just lots of aggravation.

not sure i want to call rotor rooter when its about to go into foreclosure. really need solutions.