Watching Pretty Woman - again!!! There\'s nothing on telly

Well since my last journal I've been keeping busy.  Last weekend  I painted the outside wall of my bedroom.  It already had one coat but needed at least one more  before the outside blinds go up.  So there was little fatty boombah up the ladder painting all Saturday afternoon.  It was a slow process, but I got it done and it looks great. I had gone for a myotherapy treatment in the morning, and had dry needling done for the first time, so was feeling good, but probably shouldn't have painted the wall!!  I've been paying for it all week. I'm also coming off my Efexor and now down to the lowest dose, which is great, but I'm feeling a bit space cadet and very tired.  So all in all it's been a big week I guess.  I asked Dale if he'd mind taking some bags of garden rubbish to the tip for me today.  When he arrived earlier than I expected, I got him to help me cut down a giant weed that had grown into a tree, as well as all the garden bed that had gone beserk underneath.  We spent a couple of hours at it and it looks amazing.  Another job done before the blinds go up.  Now if only I can con someone into scrubbing back and painting that wall.......... While the gardening was happening, Clint was on the phone at IKEA sorting out my benchtop for the kitchen - he's a gem.  A couple of phone calls later and it's all organised and will be delivered next Saturday arvo.  Woo hoo!!That means I can get the kitchen put in soon.  It's been sitting in my shed for 18 months!!!!  And..... earlier this week I ordered all new internal doors and a handles, and a solid entry door.  So when they arrive they will need painting and hanging.  This place will be looking brilliant soon!!! Now, if the weather is ok and I'm not curled up in a ball tomorrow, I might stain the new part of the deck.  No guarantees tho'. I know I'm doing lots, but I'm just so sick of doing nothing and being sore, so I plan to try and get something done every week if I can.  I'll be sore but I'll have a sense of achievement.  (I know I've said this before, but.....) Now as much as I wanted to just curl up on the couch and not move, I didn't.  My girlfriend and I went out to a new restaurant in town.  It was very nice, until the bugs started coming inside - it was such a beautiful night after a hot day. I am now stretched out on the couch and a littl scared to try and move, lol.  I know the arthritis in my foot is not good, and I'm ok if I don't move too much, but I'll have to get up some time....... Anyway, that's about it for now - work is still busy with packing up.  We found some original 1923 documents from the year the hospital opened, which was interesting, but there are more silverfish than papers in those boxes. Hope all my friends are relatively pain free and enjoying the weekend. CheersDeb