Wassup with me this week.

Friday I met with a ton of relatives at my aunt's funeral. Good to see them all. Didn't have enough time to chat with everyone appropriately. I saw a cousin whom I haven't seen in years, and, frankly, she scares me. Something about her seems overtly violent. But she was nice to me though. Hmm. We were asked by her sisters to come to Virginia to stay for a vacation next year. Sounds good to me. DW even agreed. That's a first.

Welp, there is a lot of small things going on. We got our first significant snow this morning. Nothing brings back old memories like a white-knuckled drive on a slanted road.
The memory, specifically being - what driving in the snow is like, and, I can still manage it.

But lessee, this week we are supposed to get our garage fixed. Finally. We'll see what happens. I expect trouble! I will have to take at least one day off from work to supervise and to protect my interest. This means one less day for salmon fishing, which I have proclaimed I will start next week.

Also the bathroom renovation is making progress. Yesterday I ripped out the countertop to the vanity So there are no sinks anymore. Tonight I rip out the mirror, which is like 3 X 5 feet and weighs nearly a ton, so a lot of the bathroom's usage will be lost. This means I better get cracka-lacking on the walls, which are about half-done now. Getting the new countertop in place will be the worst part, as I was clever enough to remember that none of the walls in the house aren't straight. I know I can do this (at this point I have little choice) but I will take my time becuase I can only allow one shot at this.

B had her State's cross-Country meet. It was 45 degrees out (8C or something like that) and wet, and she did lousy. She tanked. Tank goodness that's over. But I remained supportive and that season is over. Done. On to basketball starting Saturday. Egad. B is heavily relied on in her basketball teams, historically speaking, though she is not really that great. She has good fundamentals, but no speed. I am sure she will enjoy it.

So yesterday we cleaned up the yard. DW was happy (I was too) with how nice it looks, and it only took a coupla hours, and now DW is all bent about how our next-door sloth neighbors won't clean up and their leaves will invade our natural beauty. At least there is 4 cm of snow on the ground now. At least for a day or two.

I have a mess to clean up at work today. Ick. Got to get through today. Somehow