I am a warrior inside this shell of what i use to be but its just so hard finding that warrior all over again....i NEED to find him i NEED to find me i NEED to open my eyes again to what and who i am....or was, I remember my match back in October 2008 with an opponent that i honestly thought was a joke but he brought IT with him and truly brought out the TRUE ME....The match was a hardcore anything goes type of match and as we had a HORRIBLE match the month before and knew we had to make up for it and damn did we do that i bled like a stuck hog and damn near broke the other guy in half because i got so carried away lol Example- The match ended with me standing on his back and choking him out with a 1/4 link steel chain the very same chain that i used as a whip on him earlier in that same match and the same chain that he used to force my head to bust open squirting plasma not blood itself but PLASMA LMAO we loved it and so did the fans......ahh good times indeed.
So thats the person that i want to find again thats the mentality that i want back thats the sean that i desperately miss and although i realize that i will never see the inside of that ring again i am starting to appreciate the years that i did have in that ring and actually starting to appreciate what i did to myself for the sport that i love and looking at it now i came in a warrior and left out a warrior.....Ahh yes i will be a warrior again just not in the same way that i was....But non the less i WILL be a WARRIOR