warning Tapes

Why Our World Would End If Warning Tapes Disappeared


Warning tapes is brightly colored tape which is an important visual tool to effectively communicate safety messages to warn or catch the attention of people across various environments and situations that contains a possible hazard with the following general safety aims:

  • it reminds and re-enforce on everyone of the potential hazards and the best way to avoid them immediately

  • apart from that, it also pin point people to safety in the case of an emergency situations by directing them from danger zones effectively and quickly

So, warning tapes is one of the best practices of safety sign system which has a strong importance in making sure the necessary care and concern for the health and safety of everyone involved is taken care of at locations containing a substantial danger. Apart from that, warning tapes also can reduce the risk involved and protect people from unnecessary harm and prevent accidents by visually communicating potential hazards messages to public.

Why use the warning tapes?

In order to safely protect people from unnecessary harm, accidents and injuries; warning tapes is a good sign system which effectively aims to communicates safety messages to people. Furthermore, Warning tapes is also a high value global communication symbol that overcomes all language barriers and draw attention of everyone to the warning sign anywhere and everywhere; making it stand out for anyone who sees it as tentative right to know about the hazards that they faces and also make it a necessity on how properly they can avoid it indefinitely.

The second reason as to why warning tapes is important is in the form of best defense in litigation – it fulfills the legal criteria for a proper, reasonable and adequate warning to strongly motivate people to follow safety messages. A proper usage of warning tapes will provide a stakeholder who has the duty to warn public in diverse environments with a strong defense in court should an accident happens, a person injured and a lawsuit occurs.

Using warning tapes effectively

It is essential to pick the right material for warning tapes because it must not be easily degradable and resistant to ensure people are covered for all situations. The most important thing is the material must be able be to be displayed to warn the attention of public without any compromise so it does not put public at risk and getting hurt and a possible lawsuit for failure to warn. Furthermore, the warning tapes must be suitable to all kind of environment conditions to withstand exposure and act as a constant safety warning no matter whether it’s indoor or outdoor. Apart from that, the marking tapes also must be resistant to fading, high temperatures, contamination, graffiti and wash down conditions and issues.

Not only that the intended location of warning tapes must have a good lighting conditions which allows it to be seen from the maximum intended viewing distance which is critical for the viewer to see it without any obstructions. The marking tapes also provide fast on-the-spot warning of potential dangers and allow reasonable time for people to avoid the possible hazard with proper maintenance and cleaning procedures.

Not only that emergency lighting also should be made available at strategic places so that  the warning tapes with photo luminescent materials will enables visibility during the power-out conditions to direct people to safety in this kind of crisis situations. This will also give people a readily distinguishable symbol indicating a danger or risk anywhere for safety and security.

So, when the public sees a variety of warning tapes applications, they will think of a high visibility warning sign which will sound alarm to people on possible hazards that might cause potential accident, injury hazards or death and guide them far away from the dangerous area to safety. In a nutshell warning tapes is one the best proper universal warning awareness sign for industrial, commercial and safety environments.


You always need to remember that warning tapes are good only when the materials is reliable and apart from that it is very important to choose the right materials and warning tapes manufacturer with the proven quality and standards. Maple Leaf Plastic Industry LLC is the leading manufacturer of warning tapes solutions, assisting clients in many industries to make their products and premises safer. Established in 2012, the company also plays a leading role in the full range of standard and custom products of national and international standards.

Maple Leaf Plastic Industry LLC warning tapes help companies protect people and better meet that ever dynamic regulatory and liability environment. If you think warning tapes is not important, well think again – it is a quick, easy, and economical way to block off, secure or seal off dangerous and restricted areas.