WARNING: No talking! No eye contact!

The waiting room at my RE's office is a strange, uncomfortable place.  Everyone sits in total silence and no one looks at one another...until today.  I broke the silence.  There was a VERY long wait this morning to get my ultrasound/blood work.  (1 1/2 hours to be exact.)  I was seeing some of the same women I had seen several days in a row, but had never spoken to.  At this point, we had something in common (other than the obvious infertility issue). We were all getting very impatient about waiting so long.  Finally, we all started to talk about our meds, our doctors (there are two in the same office), how funny it is to see the men come out after they've done their "job",...everything.  At that point, I could see exactly how important a support system is to surviving infertility.  By the time one of us would be called back by the nurse, I had spoken to more women than in the year and a half I have been seeing my RE.  I am very open about my struggle to become a mommy.  However, I am aware that not every woman is willing to, or wants to, discuss it.  By talking openly and honestly about what it's like to be a woman dealing with infertility, I hope that some of the women I spoke with this morning continue to speak freely about infertility.