Want A Cinematic Video For Your Wedding? Here Are A Few Tips For You To Follow

Want A Cinematic Video For Your Wedding? Here Are A Few Tips For You To Follow

Ever wanted to shoot a cinematic video? Not sure, what works and what doesn’t? Here we will share a few tips thiveat should help you the next time you sign up as wedding videographer plantation Florida. There are quite a few things that most photographers don’t consider as cinematic, and we will be talkinage g of every instance here.

Avoid shooting too much footage

Many photographers make the mistake of shooting too much footage that they are not sure which ones to use in the final cut. You just need the right amount of footage, which you will be using in the final video or teaser. Make sure you shoot just enough footage to make the 3-5-minute video you are looking for

Shots that you will use

Every time you shoot something, make sure you ask yourself if you are going to use it in the final cut. Just shooting all the possible situations is not helping you with a cinematic video. The edits should go in your mind while you are on the job as the wedding photographer Boca Raton.

Light and fast shots

The lighter the gear you have, the faster it is for you to change it. Instead of walking around with a tripod, which is kind of fixed, you should opt for something like a monopod. It is quicker to move around, and you will get your best shots done with faster movements. Changing the angle is easy too with the monopods.

Go natural

It is quite easy to put up filters or shoot shots that are forced or staged. But, if you want a cinematic video at the end of the day, going natural with your shots is your best bet. Click candid photos which will capture the real moments. Of course, you would need a gear that supports candid photography, which possesses shallow depth of field, and maximizes the output.

Click the must have shots with care

There are certain instances that cannot be avoided while shooting an entire wedding. Make sure you take those shots from a proper angle. You could practically practice these angles and shots before actually doing them, if you want. As a wedding videographer Boca Raton, you should ideally check with the organizer about the flow of the ceremony as it will help you decide the angle for your shots, and when you will need to move where.

Go slightly creative

When you are shooting a wedding video, you need to go slightly creative, so that you can get a good shot and the perfect video. Try new angles for the shots other than the must-haves. You can even practice new angles, when there is no wedding on. This will give your creativity as wedding videographer plantation Florida whole new boost.

Emote your videos

A video filled with the right emotions will actually appear cinematic. Try adding a bit of emotion to the video; this means you need to edit it in that way. Focus and the settings with the right kind of music should do it for you.