Wangling for pennies

Had my first session/meeting with a counsellor again, same guy as last year, though he didn't remember me (taking into account I only went once last time that's no surprise or maybe that trampy beard and baseball cap number I was sporting 24/7 at the time served as a cunning disguise <note to self for possible future shenanigans>. I found it to be an oddly satisfying experience considering I was just talking about my crappy life :D. I don't know if it's due to me being less down than I was 12 months or that the previous meeting serving as a pre-rehearsal (rehearsals being a constantf for alot of my daily life e.g. for simple tasks such as telling someone at reception that I've arrived for an appointment) but this time I felt a lot more open, conversation was more flowing, and there were less umming and erring and awkward silences than last time. We discussed the possibility of looking to see if there's any assertiveness type groups in the local area, so I'll be looking into that. Even though I'd probably be happier talking to a psychologist/psychartrist who has more knowledge and advice than a general counsellor in the future, i think I'll find these meetings quite beneficial in the scope of just having someone to open up to and a little boost with regards to my conversational skills as I don't really partake in 1:1 conversations ,especially for the duration of an hour, greatly. All in all, pretty good, I look forward to next time.