Walking with a C-Leg

Well I got my c-leg!!!!!!!!I think that learning how to walk on this will be easier then the knee I got when I first got amputated.I start therpy on Monday My goal is to be walking with out a cain or crutch by the end of Febuary.My son(age 12) has been my biggest supporter.Besides pushing me to quit smoking he is all ways striveing me to walk.I have had some issues with the doctor whom amputated my leg is so far as giving me a priscription for gait therpy but in the end he gave it up.My pain has droped a bunch I still get shooting pain that is gone as soon as it arrives I guess this is just part of the game plan.Life is good, life is what you make it.



keep it up man. I just got my C-leg in November and it took me about a month to get use to how it moves. if you want to watch me playing basketball with mine check my companies website and our videos and let me know what you think. www.amp1basketball.com
here are the videos www.youtube.com/amp1basketball by the way my name is Tyler Hyatt you can email me anytime i\'ve had my leg amputated since 1986. GOOD LUCK!