Walk With Me Child/A Story of Estangement

This is the true story of one woman’s journey through a dark and lonely place. He promised to love & protect me but he did neither.  He lied to me about anything & everything including the engagement ring he had made just for me. A secret the family never disclosed but often laughed about. “It’s just a family joke” I stayed with him for fear of loosing my children but I lost them anyways because I was never part of the family his family.
Being the parent of one estranged adult child is a traumatic journey with valleys of defeat and hills of trust. But being estranged from three that is a journey of a lifetime, one I would never have survived if it had not been for the person I called Aaron. Throughout the entire four decades while my ex, his mother &his were playing their malicious mind games my God was molding me into the woman I am today. I am not who I am because of them but in spite of them.

“A story of estrangement" There seems to be a silent epidemic of adult children refusing to talk or to have any contact with their parents. The parents’ trauma is compounded by the fact of bewilderment. Despite the fact that these parents  provided love and support, they are suddenly being told: It's over. That was not the case with me. There are always many questions that either go unanswered or carry with it the guilt of some incident that has been exaggerated by a 3rd party or ideas that have been implanted in the child’s head at a very young age so that as they grow so does the resentment. The fact that for so many years their was no professional support has only compounded the problem because if the parents did seek professional help the 1st question was always “Well what did YOU do? Followed by “Well you must have done something”. And the majority of the time it is the mother that takes the brunt of the blame. So for many it became a source of shame & anger, hurt, fear & resentment that festered like an open wound on the verge of gangerine. There is only one solution to this unbearable pain.
When people hurt you over & over,think of them as sandpaper.They scratch & hurt you,But in the end you are polished and they are useless. - can’t find the author
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~ Walk with Me, My child ~by Donna Keevers Driver
Walk with Me, My child, through valleys gold and greenI will show you wonders that you have never seenI'll lead you by still waters, over mountains high and lowI'll hold your hand and never leave you; no matter where you goYou are My love, My heart, My joy; Child, you are everything to MeWalk with Me, My precious love, for all eternityI saw your tears as you lay crying; your pain sliced through My heartYou felt so lost and lonely; it tore My world apartYou thought you were alone; you thought I couldn't seeI tried to tell you I was there, but you wouldn't listen to MeI fell upon My knees, My love, I held you to My chestWhen you screamed, I screamed, too; when you wept, I weptYou think I am far away; you think that I don't seeBut how can I not feel your pain, when you are part of Me?I saw the blood fall from your wounded heart; I caught it in My handsI wept for all your suffering, but you thought I did not understandYou rose and walked away from Me; you left Me in the depths of painbut I would not give up on you; I followed you againI called your name so softly; My words softened by My loveI called to you but you turned from Me; you said you'd had enoughI closed My eyes, My tears burned hot, I could barely stand the painBut My heart it won't give up on you, so I called to you againMy child, My love, My life, My all, stop listening to the liesI AM always here for you; I listen to your criesThe world does not see Me, for sin has shut Me outBut I ache to enter into your life; please cast away your doubtI am here for you, My child; I have been here all alongPlease, My child, My love, My heart, come Home where you belongI have made a place for you, My love; it's here in My embraceSee I have made it just for you; a place of love and graceYou think that I don't love you, you think that I am cruelbut My heart it aches constantly, as I stand here waiting for youI've tried to tell you I love you, I even wrote it with My blood"My child, I adore you; You are My GREATEST love..."Walk with Me, My child... through the lies and painI will carry your burden, and you'll find peace againLift your eyes, My child; see beyond the pastSee I have come to help you; to mend your broken heartI know the rumours the enemy tells you; he says I'm angry and meanbut the truth is, My precious love, I want to set you freeI don't come to condemn you; I don't want you to pay for sinI want to give you the love you ache for; but you have to let Me inPlace your hand upon My chest, feel the way My heart beats just for you please take My hand, My love, My life, and take My heart, tooWalk with Me, My child, through valleys gold and greenand I will show you love does exist; a love you've never seenI'll lead you by still waters, and enable you to fly high and freeI'll hold your hand and never leave you; for you are part of MeOh, My child, My love, My life, listen to Me, please...I love you, I want you, I miss you; you'are the very heart of MeAll My love,God~*~