waiting to hear

J is still brooding and begging for us to release him.  I told him that we don't have that power - the doctors do.  He told me that the doctors said that we can release him anytime since we were the ones who put him in there.  I don't know what is true because I get different stories but talking to one of his doctors today will give me a better picture.  
In the meantime ~ the one son who appears to be doing the best right now - strangely enough - is T-Man!  Go figure!  Our addict son.  What I don't get - and I'm not trying to figure it out is - I know he's still using but his behavior at home doesn't reflect it.  He comes home every night at 12:30 or 1 - at the latest.  He's the best he's ever been in years.  I'm figuring that alcohol isn't his "drug of choice" based on what I've seen with our other guy.  And I think it's safe to say that he isn't doing harder drugs (and hasn't been for awhile) because when he was involved with those a few years back - it was so obvious. I know that I said that I'm not going to try and figure it out but - oh well - I am.  I believe his drug of choice is pot.  Even then I don't know how much he's using.  All I know is he is very excited about "college".  He's going for eco-tourism.  The first week before school starts his teacher is taking the group camping with whitewater rafting, hiking, and repelling.  And he'll be going to school away.  Just hope his court proceedings with the underage drinking charge works for him.  Prayer



I think some of the docs only see the medical picture, and forget that he was court-ordered into the facility. They get busy, and don\'t take in all the details. I wish every doc did take in every detail; just think what medical care would look like.....
Are you hoping he will stay in longer or less long? At least he is safe for now.
So glad to hear that T is behaving better. What can I say? Enjoy! Maybe he\'s getting a lift from anticipating his new adventures. It sounds like fun, anyway.