Waiting for Ovulation :)

It's been 6 weeks 5 days since I lost my beautiful Nevaeh, I would have been 18 weeks on Sunday, July 17, 2011. My baby girl is watching over me and will always be in my heart (Mommy loves you so much Princess Nevaeh). I got my first period after my miscarriage with Nevaeh on July 7, 2011 and it ended on July 11, 2011. My hubby and I BD on July 12, 2011 so now I am just waiting on ovulation, will not be too disappointed if I don't end up with a BFP with this cycle since I just got off BC after the miscarriage and decided not to take the clomid just kept taking the metformin so we will see what happens on August 7, 2011 since that will be my birthday, so I am praying and hoping that I will get the best gift ever and that would be a BFP and if not then clomid with next cycle. I have provera and clomid 3-7 just in case :)