W3D1 complete!

I started Week 3 yesterday... 5 min brisk walk warmup, then run 90 sec, walk 90 sec, run 3 mins, walk 3 mins x2 reps, and 5 min walk slowdown cool down.  
I was kind of dreading starting this week because I've never run 3 mins straight in my life!  I found these great podcasts that this guy made to go along with this program, and it tells you when to start running, when to walk, etc, and it's got techno music that matches your pace, so I wasn't really paying attention to the clock, I was listening more to the music, so I didn't really notice the time passing - til the second 3 min run, but I completed it!  I feel great!
I have 2 more days on this plan, then next week I up it to 5 mins. YIKES!