Volunteer Luncheon

Today we had a luncheon for the volunteers who want to get a job working for the clinic. They were talking strategy for the interviews (it's done by a panel, not by just one person) and they were saying we should be meeting people in the area we want to work in. I know Daisy, but I don't think I will be working for her. I can hopefully get a recommendation letter from her. I have to go in tomorrow and ask. Or maybe on Friday. I'm just tired, and tomorrow is going to be another day when I have to wake up early. I go to therapy tomorrow. I also hope that I can use Mr. Prater for a reference, since he's one of the people that know how well I work. I'm hoping that I can get 3 of the people who I have worked under to recommend me. I don't know how the woman in Managed Care is going to recommend me, since it means I won't be there to help them anymore. But in the long run, it's better for the company to have me there instead of me leaving to get another job.
Tomorrow I go to therapy. I'm looking forward to it. I hope that she can break me from my Nana's passing and then I can start to move on. I also want to tell her the progress I've made. I'm back eating my calories and losing weight the right way. I lost all my vacation weight, yay! I weighed in this morning at 214 pounds. That's what I was before I went to LA, and when I was in LA I was eating all sorts of junk. I think it kicked my metabolism into gear with all this food, and now that I'm back home I'm losing since my body thinks it's going to be getting over 2000 calories a day. Still, it's good that I've lost weight. I saw my stepmother when I was at the graveside service for my Nana, and she looks good. Luckily my stepbrother wasn't there, but if he was I would have been able to tell him in person that I forgive him. It was hard for me to get to that point, but I'm not going to let something from 20 years ago ruin the last moments I get to spend with my Nana.
I also brought back some of my dad's ashes. My sister had the idea to get a tattoo with the ash embedded in it, so I thought I would do the same thing. I've been planning on getting a memorial tattoo for my dad for years now, I just haven't had the money to do it. It's something that's going to be expensive since I want it done well and right. I want the rose from Stephen King's “The Dark Tower” series tattooed for my dad. It's a red rose, in full bloom, with a yellow galaxy in the middle. My dad loved the Dark Tower series, and he never got to read the end of it. I'm sure he would have loved it. My brother said it was the perfect tattoo to get for my dad. For my Nana, I'm going to get a rosary tattoo. My mom wants me to remove a tattoo in memory of her lol. I just have one right now, but I want to get more. Not to be covered in them, but in places that people don't normally see.
My tooth is still giving me pain. I can eat solid foods now, but it hurts sometimes. My jaw is swollen and the tooth next to the hole hurts. I just took Tylenol today, no Vicodin. I'm trying not to take Vicodin, as always. It doesn't do anything like getting me high, I just get some pain relief. I don't want to get addicted to any drugs, so I try and be careful with the ones I'm on. Now, being dependent on a medication for my disorders is different. I just saw my psych today, and he's keeping me on the same regimen for now. I might have to see another doctor when I go back in a couple months because he's going on vacation, but it's just for one time only. I won't make it with the bad doctor, I will try another one of the doctors there.
Mood today was good... I got to spend a bit of time at the Information Desk and the rest of my time in Managed Care. I came home early and wanted to nap, but couldn't. So I stayed up, worked on my job application and cooked dinner. It's almost 8pm now, and I'm going to try and go to sleep when I'm done with this. I just took a Tylenol, so that should work for a couple hours until I get into the deep sleep and don't feel the pain. Food today was okay... I was over my calories, but I expected that from the luncheon. Oh well, it just makes up for the low calorie day I had yesterday. The food at the luncheon was great... it was cheesy chicken with veggies, mushroom rice, and mixed veggies with grated cheese. I had my usual breakfast, and dinner was chicken and zucchini. I really like the zucchini, and I'm glad they are selling it in the store I go to. And it gets Geo to eat more veggies!



Good luck on gettting a perm. paying employment at the clinic.
I hope the tooth heals quickly for you.
I really like zucchini too.