Volleyball and eating well!

Played volleyball today at 8pm. It was fun, but I haven't played in years so let's just say it wasn't my best performance (ah, I stank :). There was one guy there who was so focused on winning, and tried to push me out of the game and position me in places where the ball wasn't. Kind of soured things for me as a beginner/newcomer. But I think I'll try it again next week anyway. Everyone else was supportive and fun, so I'm not going to let one bad apple ruin the bunch!
I also ate quite healthily today - had a spinach-egg-ham sandwich with milk in the morning, yogurt and two chicken thighs (I just love thighs over breasts, can't give that up :), and then i had a Eating Healthy lasagna from the freezer with a piece of mint chocolate for dessert. I'm still a bit hungry, but not really. Drank lots of water today too. :)