visiting daughter

We went to Toronto yeaterday to pick up some business products and visit our daughter. We brought her a couple of kitchen chairs from Grandpa for the new apartment. We went out for a late luch and do a little shopping. I laugh because I am not sure if they switched babies on me in the hospital or She is a vegetaian and doesn't like the mall, I don't think she is really my daughter if she doesn't like the mall. Every time I get close to the Eaton Centre, there seems to be a conspiracy to get me out of there as soon as possible. they never let me shop!!!! I did manage to do a little power shopping. the business stuff finally is settled so we have a little breathing room until hubby's business picks up again. Now we just have to pay all the bills that are behind and hope the money We are buying a new mattress so i hope it will help with some of the achiness.