Visitation day

Tomorrow I go visit my son.  It is so akward talking on the phone and looking at him through the glass.  So much to say to him, but I have a hard time talking.  I look into his eyes and I can see the shame in them.  He feels he let me down and honestly I feel the same.  My life continues and his consist of a cell with 5 other people (they are over booked, so instead of 4 people in a cell they have 6).  He had been sleeping on the floor as they didn't have enough beds.  One of the inmates was suppose to be released this week, so he was up next for the bed.  Never thought a child of mine would be sleeping somewhere like that, much less on the floor.  I'm concerned of the "friends" he is making there.  It was "friends" that kind of got him where he is at now.  Not to say he wasn't at fault for his own actions.  Do they ever learn?  And what exactly is he learning there?