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Before treatment of your eyebrows, Pitangui wants you to have an idea about the eyebrow shape you want. Do you want it natural or need a more superficial look? Consider the method of eyebrow tattoo in Korea that is correct for you to be happy with it. It is perhaps the style you draw on for years. Consider putting your makeup before you visit and the analyst can utilize it as a point while working with you, towards a magnificent outcome. They utilize secure, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic dyes that are soft and normal, together with skin tones, so that a completely normal look may be realized. These dyes sustain their strength over numerous years, fading in nature and gradually.

Your technician of eyebrow embroidery in Korea will assist you to pick a shade that balances your skin tone. She will recommend you on outline, based on your facial constitution to give your features as much regularity as feasible. This guideline will also aid you with makeup applying even in the future. She will talk about eyebrow span and narrowing with you. Your therapist will initially draw on your eyebrow outline using temporary makeup pencils. It's vital to articulate your initiatives at that point, so you'll be totally content with the ultimate result.

When you're content with the form of this semi-permanent makeup in Korea, your technician will apply anesthetic. Once brows are numb, the color implanting procedure begins. Stretching your skin is done frequently during treatment. This aids the color absorb more competently. If you feel sore, ask for more sedatives. She will make your treatment as relaxed as doable. If you feel something has been missed or hasn't been completed well, please alert your therapist. When you team up with your technician, you will obtain the top results.

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